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06 June 2011 @ 04:10 pm
Doctor Who & Torchwood Madness  
I am really going to try to get on this journal posting thing again for reals. Maybe. Hopefully.

So for my grand re-entry into journaling I am going to talk about something I actually have things to say about. Doctor Who and Torchwood. I've been powering through Doctor Who the past couple weeks and slightly more recently, Torchwood. This weekend I decided to pretty much just marathon Torchwood so I didn't have to keep choosing between the two series, although I did sprinkle in some Doctor Who episodes :).

Right now I want to talk a little bit about my dear Captain Jack Harkness and his characterization in Torchwood. Since I am going to be talking about the whole series (so far) if you haven't seen it and want to beware there are probably gonna be some spoilers.

I enjoyed Torchwood and I was very happy to have a whole series with Jack at the lead but for the most part I thought his characterization was a bit off from his original Doctor Who persona, I also say this because when he came back to Doctor Who while Torchwood was airing he reverted back to his old self, so I am assuming that the writers give him separate Doctor Who and Torchwood personas.

While I understand that he is the boss in Torchwood and therefore has to be more serious, I think it kind of takes away the fun from the character...I just thing he's a smidge too emo not that I blame him really. But he just wasn't being his usual dashing and charismatic self. Another little nitpick I have is that I thought he should have used himself as a human shield on several occasions. For instance he should have been doing what Owen did when he got shot, instead of standing back and letting him get killed. I know getting killed sucks for him, but he has a lot less to lose in that respect than Owen did. There were also some times (while not ending in fatal wounds) that I thought he could have taken a bullet for his team or gone in and done a particular task that was extraordinarily dangerous. I mean I guess it would take away from the suspense, but when you have an immortal guy you kind of go "huh?" when he doesn't do something to help his friends who aren't immortal.

Also we only see him very briefly flirt with anybody but men in Torchwood (there aren't any chances for him to flirt with aliens although he mentions it often). I thought the whole point of Jack's sexuality was to be open to anything, but honestly they only mention it in passing regarding Aliens and generally he is shown to be gay. I understand that that's more shocking and makes better TV, but it kind of gives him a gay lean that I don't think is true to his character. He should be snogging etc. women too. I wouldn't mind seeing some aliens thrown in the mix but since Torchwood is about them catching bad aliens I can't really see a time they would put that in. Although in the second episode I honestly thought he'd somehow defeat the sex starved alien in that way. Oh well.

I don't even mind that they gave him a boyfriend (Ianto) because I know he's an equal opportunity kind of guy. So if he decides that he's emotionally closer to a guy that's fine, I am just having trouble verbalizing this without sounding like being gay is a problem when it isn't. I just want to see him be into everybody like he should be. Also in general he doesn't flirt enough really. I dunno I just think he wasn't as fun and funny as he could have been. They gave him some fun lines and moments though at least.

All in all I enjoyed Torchwood, those are just my little nitpicks about Jack :).
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Lyssylphiade on September 23rd, 2011 06:05 am (UTC)
I didn't get into Torchwood until I saw Miracle Day, but I'm a little bit disappointed with Jack's characterization too. Still, I really enjoyed watching this past Torchwood season, I can't wait for the next!