Being a Lemming...

So I don't really post much here anyway, but after hearing about the stupid changes LJ has made and the shitty response from the LJ Russia exec I think I'll try to switch over to Dreamwidth with everybody else...please comment on this entry if you've changed to Dreamwidth so I can add you (I have just signed up and I don't remember who else has made posts about this). I'll also make somewhat of an effort to post more there, as I pretty much lurk here and only occassionally comment... tbqh this is not the most annoying thing about LJ for me, the most annoying are the intrusive ads (especially when you first open up the friends page etc. and it starts playing). Thank goodness I haven't paid for LJ in years... Such a shame about LJ recently...I've had an account since 2001 or 2002 so it's a shame to leave, but what can you do...

Anyway, here is my new Dreamwidth acct. URL:
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Doctor Who & Torchwood Madness

I am really going to try to get on this journal posting thing again for reals. Maybe. Hopefully.

So for my grand re-entry into journaling I am going to talk about something I actually have things to say about. Doctor Who and Torchwood. I've been powering through Doctor Who the past couple weeks and slightly more recently, Torchwood. This weekend I decided to pretty much just marathon Torchwood so I didn't have to keep choosing between the two series, although I did sprinkle in some Doctor Who episodes :).

Right now I want to talk a little bit about my dear Captain Jack Harkness and his characterization in Torchwood. Since I am going to be talking about the whole series (so far) if you haven't seen it and want to beware there are probably gonna be some spoilers.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everybody! I'm really enjoying my Kindle...I haven't read in forever so it's really refreshing to be able to read again! I love reading!


Writer's Block: Time after time

If you fall in love with a book or movie, do you tend to watch/read it again and again? If so, what's your upper limit on repeats?

Usually I tend to not reread or rewatch things, but if it's something that I love there isn't really an upper limit...right now I want to see Tangled for a third time and that's really stretching it for me...usually I am good with just once, especially in the theater. 

With books it's REALLY unusual for me to reread them...generally once the suspense is gone I don't want to spend hours reading something. At least a movie isn't so long, and easier to skip around in...or just have on in the background while you do other things.